Friday, December 3, 2010

What I've been up to lately... a sewing project...

Here is a glimpse of what I have been up to lately. My twin brother and Sister in Law are expecting their second baby soon ( a girl this time - yay!) and I have been wanting to try a rag quilt, but decided to try and make a rag diaper bag instead to go along with my late homemade diaper pads and wipes cases I've been making like mad { I will post the matching set of those in my next post!}. I love how this diaper bag turned out and it was pretty easy for a beginner sewer. I just hope my lovely sister in law likes it as much as I do! :) I am still working on the rest of the gift for her and first guilt...I'll be posting those soon, need to run to the store for a few more supplies and hoping to get it done withing the next couple of days. Now onto the 5 dozen Christmas cards I need to finish this weekend!

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The Candlands said...

So adorable! Tell Tyler I say hi!

You and me both...I need to make 100 Christmas cards (which I usually have out by the first...but not this year). I also have 2 clients that I need to finish designing their cards too. Yikes I am pulling a crafty weekend I guess! Wish we were closer!