Monday, January 31, 2011 the works!

With moving again I had to find a place in our new home for my "collection" of scrapbook supplies. In our old home I had my own 12x15 room dedicated to my supplies and my clubs. Even then though my stuff was cluttered to stay the least...well, I guess just "cluttered" to the eye, everything had a place but it didn't look neat and tidy. Here in our new home I get our formal dining room as my scrapping space so I have realized how "cluttered" my collection is getting.

This is the problem wall. The tall white cabinet is perfect for holding my papers and business supplies. Then I have a bookcase of children's books, then my drawers of glues, bow making, odd embilishments and alterable items. Then of coarse the cubbies for my children's artwork, coloring books, school aids, etc. ...too much to look at especially when it's open to the living room. to the drawing table... you know I got an A+ in my drafting class in Jr. High?! I think my teacher just liked me {plus I did ok work}. Well I drafted up the perfect "paper station" that could hold my cardstock tupperwares, my B&T's and my memorabilia boxes of stuff ready to scrap. I also knew I wanted it to be countertop highth as I've found I stand mostly when scrapping. Plus somewhere to put my cutting board! ... and of coarse I need to hide all my treasures from curious hands and wandering guests eyes! LOL Here is my hubby working on putting it together...yes, he is using my kitchen as his workshop...little did I know he was going to be cutting the wood at my kitchen table! I'm sure we will be eating sawdust for a few weeks! Our new humble aboad does not have garage, which was my hubbies "man cave"...maybe one of these days he will have a true woodworking workshop.

Here it is put together, just missing the back.
And here it is in it's is still a work in progress...we have to figure out some doors then paint or stain it. I am very pleased with it though! I will definately be posting the finished product!
The view from the living room.


Tanya Wilson said...

Looks Great!

Threekids said...

Love this - can you email me the directions to make one. I would love to have my dad make one for me.