Friday, March 25, 2011

Remembering You - with sincere sympathy...

I received word late Monday afternoon that my sweet Grandmother had passed away. Her and my Grandpa celebrated their 65th wedding Anniversary that day! My Grandma was a very caring, loving, giving, intellegent woman. She was a great example to me. I am very grateful to her and my Grandpa both who raised my father to be the man he was. I hope I can continue their legacy of love and faithfulness and pass it on to my children. Much love and hugs Grandma!
I made my Grandpa this card. I regretfully will not be able to attend my Grandma's funeral, but wanted to let my Grandpa know how much we love him. I have not made many sympathy cards and have hardly any sympathy sentiments. I printed this sentiment off the computer. The card is a redo of a past card I had scraps of.

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Janice said...

SO sorry for your loss. Grandmas are special and leave special memories behind.