Wednesday, August 17, 2011

You know you are a craft junky when... {getting ready for school!} already have all the supplies to put a new found project together! I follow a website,, they have awesome ideas and info on there, from a printable grocery list, couponing info, and the latest lunch ideas for the kiddos. They had posted about Martha Stewarts Magnetic Lunch chart and I jumped on the idea. I actually completed a project within 24 hours of finding it, and without even having to run to the store for "supplies"! Guess that goes to show what a craft junky I am! I already had the magnet strips, cardstock, lamanating sheets, and I used velcro dots to adhere my kids choices to their charts.

I used Close To My Heart My Acrylix stamp envelopes to store the menu choices in.
Martha only has a fruit catagory, but I made my green strips into a fruits & veggies catagory and added carrots or celery w/ peanut butter.

I also have the option for my kids to eat school lunch {that is what the two little choices are at the top right}. I am hoping this gets my 3 year old (that will be eating lunch at home) more of a desire to EAT! As far as choices, I sat down with my kiddos and let them make suggestions. We were actually able to come up with 5 different sandwich ideas {turkey and cheese, pb&j, ham filling, turkey wrap or pepperoni and cheese}. Maybe with this chart I will be more willing to make them lunch this year! Yay for back to school! :)

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Mare said...

Very, Very cool!!! I'd love to find a way to do something like this for my 28 students for the hot lunch, sandwich, salad, second hot lunch choice, etc.

Very, very cool!!!