Friday, September 9, 2011

A crafty day!

I must admit that most of my days are filled with running children to and from school, laundry, dishes, mopping, more laundry, etc. As I was mopping my kitchen floor the other day, I actually thought to myself that I was enjoying the time I was having with "playing house". It is amazing to me that as young children we role play this work that seems never ending and so repetitive. I guess that is what helps us enjoy it later on in life.

Yesterday though, I got all my "housework" done early and was so excited to finish some projects I had started. The above Rag Messenger bag is one a friend ordered for her younger sister. My 3 year old was the oldest home this morning, so he was the photographer...I must say he did an awesome job of getting a picture of the bag, as that is what I requested. :) I think I'm becoming addicted to fabric, just like I have with paper. My husband may need to send me off to therapy {but then he would have to "play house" so I don't see him doing that! LOL}
The other project I finished was this layout of my little guys 3rd birthday party. He, as all other little boys I know, loves Toy Story, so we had to celebrate with Woody, Buzz and of coarse have cute Alien cupcakes to make it special! Here's hoping for more creative days ahead!

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