Monday, January 16, 2012

monster party!

Our two youngest children just turned 2 and 4. Their birthdays are just two weeks apart. We decided to do a combined birthday party for them and decided on a monster theme. We made monster invites (sorry, didn't get a picture of those) and invited all of their little monster friends over to help us celebrate. I had SO much fun putting this party together and wish I had a whole month to prepare for it, as I still didn't do everything I was wanting too, but the party turned out great.

We had over 20 little kiddos for the party, along with their parents. The first thing I worked on after we got the invites out, were these fun monster containers that held homemade play dough for each kiddo to take home. I originally was going to have the kids pick a monster jar and play with their large ball of play dough, but decided I didn't want that much play dough exposed to my home, so I made little jars of multi-color play dough, so the kids could "make a monster" with just a small amount of play dough. These little monsters were given out with the party favor bags.
My friend, Erin Royal, made this fun monster cake (as well as some fun monster cupcakes not pictured). I've seen a similar monster cake on Pinterest, I'm assuming that is where she got the idea for this cake!

For one of the games, I simply drew up a fun little monster on poster board including wiggly arms, horns, teeth, tons of eyeballs and a tongue for the kiddos to "build a monster". I must admit, once I got all of it cut out and ready to go, I too had to play and build my very own monster. FUN, FUN, FUN! Perfect game for this age group, and a very cheap game!

As far as the monster decor, I had a few of these metal pails from my daughters party from last year. I simply hot-glued googly eyes (on just about everything!), painted a mouth and added some fun hair using different colored boas found at the craft store! The suckers inside the pails came from Oriental Trading.

I made "eyeball" cake add to the sugar high we were already giving everyone.

Another game I made was the "feed the monster" game. I once again drew up a fun little monster with a big mouth for catching it's food the kids were to toss in. I made my own beanbags out of 4inch squares of fabric and pinto beans.

The last game I put together was inspired by this Pinterest pin.

I made each circle look like a monster by adding googly eyes and a mouth. This game was really cute for this age group as well. The little boys punched pretty good, while some of the little girls simply poked it and ripped it open with their fingers. SO cute!

Lastly, I made this fun little banner to greet the party-goers with a picture of the birthday kids. I really wanted to make a large banner, but simply ran out of time. The letters on the banner are scrapbook stickers, fast and easy to add or take off if I would like!

We had a blast at the party and hope everyone else did too! So glad we had so many friends to celebrate our little monsters special days! Thanks for coming!


Nancy Ball said...

WOW Tiffany, I would have loved to be a kid at your Monster birthday party. What a wonderful memory you have created!

Juls said...

That looked like fun. Good job on all of it.

Kendall said...

That party looked really fun Tiffany! You do such a good job. That is such an awesome idea.

Jen Adkins said...

The monster looks great! Sounds like a fun party too.