Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Busy Little Beaver!

I recently completed this adorable Messenger Bag for a friend.  This is one of those projects I had a hard time handing over,  I guess that just means that the person receiving it is going to love it that much more!  I just might have to add this to my TO DO list and make myself one.  I changed up the way I did the handle vs. the last time I made this bag...I purchased webbing and some fun hardware.  My friend is definately going to be stylin' when she goes around town carrying this bag!...On the right is a card I came up with while I was supposed to be cleaning off my desktop...I had a few of the peices that made up this card laying around and I decided to come up with a card using them, and this is the finished project...And last but not least, another custom bag I put together for a friend.  She gave me some of her old military blouses and wanted a military rag bag, and my ideas started to explode once I got the blouses!  I ended up adding the pockets along with name tags to add storage to the bag and completed it with a fun fabric flower that she can move depending on what side of the bag she uses (yes, this bag is reversible!)  Off to figure out my next project!

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