Friday, April 19, 2013

A Kitchen for a Queen! ( or Princess in this case)

I'm sorry for my absents of posts over the last several months!  I did want to post a few of my recent creations.  My little girl recently celebrated her 3rd birthday.  I've been wanting to make a cute kitchen for her out of an old end table.  I'm not a big fan of the expensive plastic kitchens sold in stores.  I got my husband on board (he is the master woodworker in the family) and my daughter and I went searching for an end table to transform.  We got lucky at our first Thrift Store stop and found this beauty:
It had all the charm and cuteness I was looking for.  I designed a hutch with my husband that we could attach to the end table.  My husband found a dog dish at the Dollar Store that we could use as our sink.  He also found an old faucet that we could use.  We cut a circle to fit the sink, made the hutch and attached it to the end table.  We then striped the old paint off of the end table.  I spray painted areas of the kitchen with bright pink spray paint, then painted over the whole kitchen with white paint.  I then distressed areas with fine sandpaper to expose the pink.  I then finished it off with a sealing coat to protect it.  I also used the pink spray paint to color the knobs and details on the doors.  I also made my daughter an apron to go along with her kitchen.
She seems to be enjoying it all!